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A Fairy tale Statham Lodge Wedding

Jill and Malcom chose me to photograph their very special day at the beautiful Statham Lodge Hotel wedding venue. View some of my wedding photography from their day below.

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statham lodge wedding
The wedding day has finally arrived at Statham Lodge Hotel

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Jill and Malcolm to be their wedding photographer for their special day, which took place on the 10th June 2017. Set in the beautiful town of Lymm in Cheshire, Statham Lodge provides the perfect setting for your fairy tale wedding. It's beautiful landscaped gardens provide the perfect setting for your guests to relax and enjoy themselves and provides lots of amazing photo opportunities. This was my first time at the Statham Lodge Hotel wedding venue, so I arrived early in the morning to give me lots of time to walk around the venue and find some nice locations for the group and formal portraits later in the day. It also gave me a chance to have a look around the ceremony and reception rooms and have a chat with the staff.

statham lodge wedding ceremony
Arriving at the wedding venue...

Jill chose not to have the usual bridal prep with the room full of makeup artists, hairdressers and photographers, instead opting for a low key low stress prep. So she could relax and prepare for the day shes been planning for so long. I met with Malcolm in the reception of Statham Lodge Hotel and captured photos of the guests arriving for the day. After that I headed into the bar area to capture some candid natural photos of people as they chatted about Jill and Malcolms special wedding day. This is my favourite kind of photography and probably about 90% of the photographs I deliver from weddings are beautiful natural candid shots of guests and couples laughing and crying throughout the wedding day. My next job was to head into the ceremony room and have a chat with the registrar, this is always something I like to do as some registrars are very particular on where they want the photographer to stand. Luckily for me most registrars are pretty laid back and usually let me get on and photograph the wedding the way I want to and this time was no exception.

statham lodge wedding photography
Final thoughts....

As you can see from the photographs below the wedding ceremony was full of laughs, some tears and lots of emotion. This was clearly a very special time for the couple and I always feel honoured to be invited along to such a special day. Once the wedding ceremony was over we headed outside for the formal group shots. We chose to do the group photos at the front of Statham Lodge as it is such a beautiful venue and I think makes a really nice backdrop for the wedding photographs. The rest of the day passed really quickly and it wasn't long before the evening guests arrived and the wedding party was in full swing. Statham Lodge has a very large reception room and Jill and Malcolm hired one of the most amazing bands to keep their guests entertained.

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