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Peckforton Castle Wedding

Kevin and Brian contacted me directly in 2016 to arrange a meeting with me to discuss their Peckforton Castle Wedding. I invited them around for a free consultation where I was able to show them both some more of my work and also to dicuss their day and requirements. Having been impressed with my work I was promptly hired to to their wedding photography. The months went by quickly (I was shooting around 30 weddings still before their date!) so this went incredibly quickly for me although for the couple it probably felt like a life time due to all the planning and fine details left to arrange. I arrived a few hours before the ceremony began (along with my lovely 2nd photographer Sara!), this gave us time to have a look around the venue and to find the best spots for both group shots and the amazing posed photos which I am sure will be treasured for many years to come. If you are planning a Peckforton Castle Wedding and are still looking for a professional wedding photographer then please get in touch if you like my photographs. I have a laid back approach where I am very much in the side lines which allows both you and your guests to enjoy the wedding day without having cameras and flashes in your faces all day! My style is best described as a mixture of reportage and in the moment photography. I also absolutely love to do those special couple portraits which you can hang on your wall and enjoy for many years to come. Feel free to browse through the photos below and please do get in touch if you are thinking of getting married at this venue as it was one I really enjoyed doing and would love to do more work at the venue.

Owl, Flash mob and other surprises....

Kevin had a few surprises on the day for his new partner Brian, one of those included a flash mob dance which replaced the traditional first dance. Kevin asked if I would be able to video the dance, I ofcourse agreed although I am not a videographer and I made sure to manage Kevin & Brians expectations! We were both happy with the resulting video and it captured the moment perfectly for them. If you are thinking of having a flash mob dance or even curious about what one is, you can view the video here: Flash Mob Please feel free to like and share this page and please do feel free to look through my other work, the links are at the bottom of the page

View photographs from the wedding day below

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